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Neighbourhood Watch Network

       The Neighbourhood Watch Network have a useful website at:


       There you can find out about other local schemes by using your postcode to search and
       be able to contact other Coordinators by messaging them using the secure web form.

       If you do not have internet access, you can call the Neighbourhood Watch Network
       offices on: 0116 402 6111


       Crimestoppers are an independent charity helping law enforcement to locate criminals

       and solve crimes. Information can be given to Crimestoppers completely anonymously
       24/7 by phone: 0800 555 111

       Everyday hundreds of ordinary citizens use the scheme to help the police solve many
       crimes - not just the most serious. It is highly successful and proves that it is possible to
       do something to make society safer after all.

       Victim Support

       Victim Support are an independent charity who offer free and confidential support to
       anyone who has been affected by crime. Victim Support can be contacted by phone:
       0808 168 9111

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