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       Further information on Neighbourhood Watch can be obtained from a number of sources:

       Greater Manchester Neighbourhood Watch Association

       You can also contact the Greater Manchester Neighbourhood Watch Association:

       GMNWA      Chair                                         Andrew Taylor

       GMNWA Local [Borough] Representative                     Tony Moran

       Greater Manchester Police

       You can find more information from the Greater Manchester Police website at:


       You  can  then  find  contact  details  of  your  Local  Policing  Team  by  clicking  on  ‘Local
       Policing’ and entering your postcode.

       Or, you can enter a search for ‘Neighbourhood Watch’

       To report an incident to the police:

       In an emergency: 999

          •  An emergency is when a crime is being committed or has just been witnessed
          •  There is a risk of injury, or a risk of serious damage to property.
          •  A general guide is that a police officer’s arrival is crucial.

       Non-emergency: 101

          •  Instances that do not require an immediate response include:
          •  Reporting a crime that has already happened
          •  Getting crime prevention advice
          •  Giving police information about crime in your area

          •  Contacting local officers
          •  Any other non-emergency

                      Tameside Neighbourhood Watch   -   A Handbook for Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators and Area Residents
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