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       As a Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator or scheme member, it is useful to:

              1.     Park a car on the neighbours drive whilst they are on holiday

              2.     Always push letters and newspapers  through your neighbours  letterbox

              3.     Put rubbish in your neighbours bin if they are away and put it out for collection
                     as usual

              4.     If milk is delivered then take it in and leave a note through the door to say
                     that you have taken it

              5.     Tell a trusted neighbour when you are away, who the key holder is, and an
                     emergency contact number

              6.     Think about any houses that overlook yours, say at the rear, and think about
                     introducing yourself
              7.     Be alert to any suspicious behaviour or activity. Any urgent matters should
                     be reported to the police. Less urgent matters to the Coordinator

              8.     Write down the description of any person or vehicle, including registration

                     number, which you think is unusual or suspicious
              9.     Make sure you have adequate security measures for your home and garden

              10.  Keep a record of serial numbers for all valuable property, such as mobile
                     phones, laptops, game stations etc

              11.  Take photos of particularly expensive items, such as jewellery

              12.  Mark property with a UV marker or similar

              13.  Take mutual responsibility for your neighbour’s property
              14.  Use light timers to make your property appear occupied

              15.  Keep your Neighbourhood Watch scheme active

                      Tameside Neighbourhood Watch   -   A Handbook for Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators and Area Residents
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