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       As a Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator, it is useful to keep a list of all members contact
       details including telephone numbers (home/mobile/work) and email addresses.

       As a Coordinator, you may receive information from your local Association, your area

       contact or GMP. You should  pass this on to your members. Passing on information
       makes them feel involved and will also encourage them to pass on information to you.

       When you talk to your neighbours, ask their opinion about how you can improve your
       area. It may be possible to look at better lighting, or moving rubbish or graffiti which will
       also make the area less inviting to criminals.

       Set  yourself achievable  targets.  Don’t try  to  do everything at  once. When you have
       achieved a goal, set another one and all work towards the end result. You will find that

       this helps with motivation and residents become more interested as you make progress.

       Social  media tools like  Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp etc are an excellent  way to
       communicate with each other. So, even if you don’t physically get together and meet
       with scheme members, you can always set up a social media network and use it to
       discuss issues and ideas and share information.


       The following good practice enables Neighbourhood Watch schemes to work well:

       •  Develop good relationships with the police and other agencies
       •  Encourage social activity

       •  Help to improve the local environment
       •  Have a good community spirit

       •  Meet and talk regularly
       •  Follow crime reduction advice
       •  Care about each other

       •  Engage with local Schools and Governers

       •  Promote local Area Litter pick initiative
       •  Community Speed Watch scheme
       •  Understand the importance the community taking shared responsibility for
          reducing crime in their area

                      Tameside Neighbourhood Watch   -   A Handbook for Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators and Area Residents
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