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       We have compiled this guide to give you, the
       Neighbourhood  Watch Coordinator, a useful
       source of reference for  both you and your
       members. We hope it will provide answers to
       some of the queries that might arise whilst you
       are running your scheme.

       Neighbourhood  Watch, or Home Watch as
       some residents  like  to call  it, is actually  the
       same organisation — it is just that some areas have historically used different names.
       Greater Manchester has opted to call all its new schemes ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ to
       support the requirements of the national organisation.


       Neighbourhood  Watch is a valued  voluntary  grass root movement with its strength
       in building strong communities,  preventing crime  and  working  to support  community
       resilience and community spirit.

       Everyone in the community has the responsibility for preventing crime. Neighbourhood
       Watch aims to foster a strong and positive working relationship with the police locally,
       regionally and nationally.

       Residents and the police support each other helping to create an environment where
       opportunities for crime are reduced.

       It is the individual members that make any scheme successful. Neighbourhood Watch is
       owned by its members and not by the police. A Coordinator who is able to pass on their
       enthusiasm to their members is more likely to have an active, successful scheme. It is
       important to recognise, however, that work should be shared between scheme members
       and this will also help members to feel that they have a role to play.


       The Neighbourhood Watch Network  (NWN) is the national  umbrella  organisation
       for Neighbourhood  Watch, and  as a charitable  organisation,  is the largest  voluntary

       movement in the UK. Neighbourhood Watch covers approximately 3.5 million homes.

                      Tameside Neighbourhood Watch   -   A Handbook for Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators and Area Residents
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